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Strategic marketing professional successfully leveraging broad knowledge of full marketing platforms, digital transformations, including branding and corporate imaging, market influencers, competitor capabilities, and multi-channel marketing. Successfully translate market trends, requirements and competitive dynamics into comprehensive products, innovative multimedia, and cost-effective solutions that exceed expectations of clients and customers.

  • $1 million in sales reached by broadening marketing exposure, overseeing marketing efforts, and building marketing resources for certified practitioners.
  • $150,000 in legacy product sales and 67% revenue increase realized by developing an aggressive marketing strategy and leading multi-product marketing efforts promoting legacy products and new product launches using data driven decisions that also stabilized profit percentages.
  • $30,000 per month achieved by recreating existing marketing and content strategies including cross marketing B2B, multi-disciplinary methods, ownership expertise showcase, and symposiums to elevate exposure.
  • 68% in non-productive advertising costs conserved by developing more cost effective full concept / promotional campaigns and integrating platforms across multi-channels, providing better exposure, and enabling control within the sales channels and disciplinary methods.


A High-energy catalyst of change with extensive experience in analytics, driving digital marketing and optimization across all channels. Developing Digital Marketing Plans by utilizing optimal best practices of digital channels continually developing and meeting identified benchmarks for optimal performance. Creating Digital Marketing Strategies for all channels ensuring needed digital services, tools and materials develop to meet optimal objectives and target audience needs.

  • 70% surge in organic traffic realized in the first year by expanding the eCommerce digital presence through a focus on rapid growth and applying innovative data driven strategies in a multi-channel environment.
  • 39% client base rise recorded by creating digital components to reclaim business footprint as causing an increase in search engine results page (SERP) rankings, response, sales while raising KPIs and overall business intelligence.
  • 38% boost in field rep personal sales growth noted by targeting a quick expansion through social media (SMO / SMM), paid-search (SEM) SEO, and consumer marketing thru interactive and e-mail automation with a strong emphasis on data driven analysis.
  • 41% weekly traffic increase driving revenue by auditing and updating archived content to meet SEO preferences for new site restructure.
  • $1 million turn achieved at the first launch by significantly increasing organic traffic through editorial services for old and new web content, meeting SEO compliance while creating an assertive content strategy to produce and nurture consumer communication, product awareness, and branding.
  • $58,000 saved by driving a website re-build and systems integrations internally that included site restructure,   creating a membership based hierarchy, integrating critical interactive CRM components, upgrading database software and management, and streamlining the end user experience.
  • Revenue boost supported by creating comprehensive conceptual and individual campaigns using traditional marketing collateral and digital automation including landing pages, campaign sequences, email threads, automation for acquisition and retention, and database management and segmentation marketing.
  • 50% rise in traffic and revenue noted by adhering to budgeted paid-search and optimizing search engine marketing (SEM) objectives and aggressively building organic traffic by fine-tuning all web content and site structure to meet known SEO preferences.


Entrepreneurial visionary delivering exemplary growth for profitable starts-ups through effective awareness, research and statistical analysis, knowledge of intellectual property, team-building and mentoring, market vision, product development and introduction, and the ability to translate vision into deliverables.

  • Provided an additional revenue stream by initiating instructional and certification courses duplicating the business model for entrepreneurial practitioners and avoiding restrictive definitions for international business.
  • 47% jump in sales hit by spearheading a plan to introduce a new product line as part of a full year of strategic campaigns promoting the anniversary of the enterprise.
  • Continued audits of existing services and tools used in marketing and digital presence; assessing effectual value, efficiency and relevancy of performance a well as ease of integrating into functional components and end consumer ease.  Rating and ranking priority for updating or upgrading services and software. Improved cot effectiveness across the board ranges from 7% to 51%.


Forward-thinking executive utilizing awareness, conducting deep audits, ongoing assessments and analysis to develop effective marketing plans and business restructuring, collaborative strategies, critical thinking, emotional IQ, adaptation to changing priorities, and exemplary knowledge of project management and operations efficiency to drive profit.

  • Equipped the stakeholders with system to produce accurate business intelligence metrics and reports enabling control of activities by continuing development of reporting functions that tracked, measured, and analyzed performance.
  • 175% profit increase in a product line generated by applying a proprietary agile styled methodology, collaborating with procurement and trade show teams, and providing new and innovative tools, materials, and products for B2B packaged goods customers, stabilizing profits for the product segments.
  • 100% profit posted on marketing resource packages sales to clients by establishing the marketing and advertising program, production, and private fulfillment.
  • 39% uptick in field sales flow accomplished by developing live inventory availability and product content for branded print collateral and sales channels including Amazon and other bulk e-commerce accounts.


Decisive business leader driving initiatives with an observant and objective keen eye to effective communication, prompt conflict resolution, resource planning and analysis, organizational development, building internal and external relationships, all which have fostered a reputation for honesty and integrity.

  • $20,000 in additional monthly revenue from repeat customers produced by building a tiered structure for client and cross marketing partners to access information, tutorials, graphics, and designs, focusing on current customer interaction.
  • Led the client to profitability and built a foundation for continued growth by leading the transformation to Adobe Campaign Manager, integrating other needed digital components, and analyzing customer research, sales results, and online marketing effectiveness data.

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