do it over

A basic outline for creating a Digital Marketing Strategy.  Is there an area that was overlooked or weak in your plan? Be objective, and honest with yourself to grasp a general understanding. Don’t worry, no one has it all – we never arrive!



Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Structure your plans to define the opportunity, strategy and implementations needed.
  2. Research, review an identify your marketplace and set objectives.
  3. Review your digital proposition and communicate it using digital targeting techniques.
  4. Implement and manage digital marketing communications.

Grow Your Audience Online

  1. Invest in continuous Inbound Marketing
  2. Build awareness of your band and services to all influences, integrated digital presence maximizing continuous communications and planned campaigns using diverse media touch-points.
  3. Define your online audience and select the best communications options.
  4. Optimize all digital communications by using effective, compliant content and key digital techniques for your business.

Encourage Brand Interactions and Leads

  1. Develop your content marketing strategy. Integrate and develop your database for interaction leading your visitors’ journey thru conversion.
  2. Identify your best options to increase generation, conversion; defining goals and measures.
  3. Prioritize content marketing and customer journeys thru defining your customer personas, overall website improvement plan and lead profiling.
  4. Manage your content marketing and lead generation, creating campaign plans, calendars, outreach, content assets, improvement on landing pages and templates.

Increase Revenue by Structured Testing, Measuring to Maximize Your Conversion Path.

  1. Review your focus to increase conversion thru analytics.
  2. Define and create an approach for conversion rate optimization for all online communication integrations.
  3. Monitor and mange continuous improvement for conversion.

Build Customer Loyalty and Advocacy Creating a Life-Cycle Communication Plan.

  1. By long term engagement develop the relationship at acquisition using all communication channels to build advocacy thru nurture marketing to build retention revenue.
  2. Review and set objectives of loyalty potential, satisfaction and effectiveness of your customer communications.
  3. Define and implement methods to improve retention and engagement.
  4. Implement and drive your online customer communications plan, monitoring and adapting.

Continue to Assess Digital Marketing Plan

During our first interview, we will discuss what is working for you now and what has not worked, (which, is just as valuable) even if you had or are trying to recover from a train wreck.

More importantly, I look forward to listening as you share your story, your business goals and your vision.