Marketing is Worthless

– Digital or Otherwise –
If Your Next Customer Isn’t Being Reached.

word of mouth mraketingDigital Marketing involves the consumer searching for the product, brand or service you have and your ability to meet your customer where they are.

Plans and Strategies – road maps – are different  for every business.


Where do you start?

You must have a Marketing Plan!

Assess where you are and how effective your current marketing is. That does not have to be complicated, as  matter of fact, if you’re looking for help, then you he already assessed that what you are doing is not enough.

This is a basic outline of building the road map to effective marketing. Each one of these involves a combination of methods and tools, plus its own strategy and integrations.

Most likely a few practices are already in place within your Marketing Plan, are they continually be developed and are they optimized? In other words, is someone actively touching, building and responding to these services and tools you are using, and are they the best fit for your business at this time?

Are they integrated? Effectively?
Up to date?
Sufficient for reasonable growth into your next phase?
Cost effective?
Meeting benchmarks?
Aligning with your vision and business objectives?
Are They Optimized?
Are you Aiming toward an Optimal Digital Marketing Plan?

Compare this Simple Outline  to see where you really are within your digital marketing strategy within these five elements that should be continually developing.

  1. Create a Digital Marketing Strategy.
  2. Grow Your Audience Online.
  3. Encourage Brand Interactions and Leads.
  4. Increase Revenue by structured testing, measuring to maximize your lead to sale path.
  5. Build customer loyalty and advocacy creating a Life-cycle communication plan.

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We can discuss what is working and what has not worked, even if you have a train wreck. More importantly, I look forward to listening as you share your story, your business goals and your vision.

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